Christina Carlson is a Native Texan who has always had music running through her veins. After High School she attended the Prestigious Berklee College of Music. Winning the North American Scholarship with her unique vocal style, she then moved to Austin where she began taking up Songwriting and has been teaching herself guitar, writing, and piano ever since. With her eclectic range of sound and uplifting rhythms her music always touches her audience no matter the age. Intertwining her music from a place of deep jazzy soul with a twist of pop, she is sure to make a positive impact on the listeners heart. She has has enjoyed singing for many local events, National Anthems, and fundraisers. With over 60 original songs she is ready to take the world by surprise and make a positive impact with her rich voice and sweet-sounding soulful style. 

 Photo by  Kym Pham

Photo by Kym Pham